What are different Ways to Use Flipagram to Promote Your Brand?

News 05:05 May 2024:

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Searching for more multimedia ways to construct your brand’s social existence? Flipagram, a mobile app used to develop 15- or 30-second picture slideshows set to background music or narrative, has just recently gone into the market of image and video modifying applications. After photos are selected for the slideshow, the video stories can then be exported to a number of social media outlets, consisting of Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Flipagram is presently the fifth-most downloaded free image and video application in the iTunes App Store and continues to acquire appeal, most especially among brand names.f1

Ways to Use Flipagram

The procedure is easy: choose any number of pictures, set the length of the video and share the video on whatever channels you ‘d like. It’s not needed to include an overlaid title and soundtrack, however doing so generally improves the video. Easy!

Brands Successfully Using Flipagram to Build Brand Image

The majority of slideshows are produced by typical individuals, business varying from the clothes brand to the care-based business to the entertainment studio and theme park have been utilizing flipgram followers to promote their items, showing the boom in video promo and viral marketing in recent years. These business– covering markets, sizes and international areas– have acknowledged the significance of online and social video to their marketing interactions and brand image.

Utilizing Flipagram to Promote Your Business

How can you use Flipagram for your own brand? Here are some content concepts, in addition to basic pointers, for your video stories:

– Recap occasions: Photo slideshows often satisfy of summarizing occasions. String your images together with Flipagram if you simply launched an item at a trade program or opened a new store location.

– – Show your reach: If you held a top quality contest sourcing your users for pictures, you can clip the images together with Flipagram to display the very best entries or the huge amount, and for that reason appeal, of your contest and brand. Another concept might be to connect pictures of numerous happy customers utilizing your item.f1

– – Give a voice to the brand: Instead of utilizing music, you or another member of your company can tell the 15 seconds, lending a real voice to your brand and making it more personalized.

– – Put your artistry on display: The whole point of image slideshows is to display appealing pictures. Why post simply one image on Instagram at a time when you could display a number of at the same time with Flipagram? Display your photographic skill and draw audiences in with your radiant brand image.

– – Avoid mess: Flipagrams can consist of any number of pictures, however ensure to not overwhelm the audience with the amount, unless that is the designated impact. Be selective over the images that make the cut if you desire audiences to be able to appreciate each picture.

Flipagram appears like an aesthetically attractive and simple way for brand names to inform stories and reveal some character, and that the videos can be exported to Instagram makes it a natural tie-in to brand marketing, offered the recent appeal in utilizing Instagram Video for brand promo. Do you picture yourself utilizing Flipagram for your business?