4 Twitter Ideas to help increase your Automatic Retweets 10 Fold

News 06:05 May 2024:

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Like most people on twitter, you’ve probably read a few tips to help increase your followers, attract likes or increase engagement. You probably know that using hash tags, posting regularly and following other people can make you more famous on twitter. Yet, month after month you sulk in loneliness knowing that few people ever retweet or like your tweets. Fortunately, this guide is for someone like you.

In the modern day where engagement and attracting sales through twitter marketing is important to every brand; convincing people to retweet your tweets is key to your success. Automatic retweets increase engagement; they create awareness about your product which in turn lead to more success. But how do you write tweets that people will find worth retweeting?

Add Colorful Images to Plain Text

People know that images can help boost the level of engagement with their tweets. As such, someone will pick a random image and add a tweet that is totally not related to the pictures. Others simply use generic images along their tweets. True, the generic image may attract you a few more retweets compared to other people, but not so many as you wish for. However, using colorful, images with high quality content is a proven way of convincing people to like, favorite and retweet your tweets.

Alternate Info graphics with Charts

You know what could inspire as many retweets as colorful images? According to a recent study, a tweet with info graphics tends to increase in engagement by about 8%. That is to say if you can manage 100 automatic retweets tweets by using a plain text alone, you could get 8 more retweets by simply including a chart to your tweet. For someone promoting a product or even a blog post, the additional 8 retweets can make a great difference. And don’t worry that people may overlook your tweets because they contain info graphics. Actually, people are attracted to numbers and diagrams in equal measure they are attracted to beautiful images.

Add Humor to your Tweets

You may have heard that humorous tweets are the most likes and retweeted. But what if you don’t just want to make people laugh; you would also like to pass a message across. Simply share a joke you have in mind and then add a text about what you seriously intended to say. The joke will help capture attention, while at the same time motivate people retweet your message. If you are simply not good at jokes, use an inspiration message instead.

Be Original

We can never stress the importance of tweeting original content enough. Most people can never retweet your message if they have seen it before. By contrast, they are more likely to share an original tweet, even if it is not the most inspirational they have read. Finally, always ensure that you tweets can help someone else. If you want more automatic retweets, give people information they will want to share with friends and family.